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3M3 Series 3340 :- ( 40 kVA 3/3 )

Technical Data
Model 3W320K
Output capacity 20kVA
Voltage 380VAC 20% (3Ø+N) at normal load
Frequency 45~65Hz
Power factor >0 .95
Voltage 380VAC 1% (3Ø+N)
Seting range 346~415 VAC( On the control panel)
Crest factor 3:1
Wave form Sine wave
Distortion Non linear load THD<5%,resistance load THD<2.5%
Stability voltage at steady state 1%
Stability voltage at transient state 4%
Frequency 50/60Hz The same of input
Frequency stability without synchronization 0.05%
Frequency stability with synchronization Frequency is same as bypass
Overload 110%/125%/150% of rated current for 300/30/3 s
Efficiency AC/AC > 92%
Power factor 0.7 LAG
DC Voltage 192+192VDC (288+288VDC)
Widing different battery combination Transfer time)
AC fault 0 ms
UPS fault < 2 ms
Type STATIC+ manual per maintenance operation
Voltage 380VAC 15%(10%~ 20%) 3Ø+N (on the control panel)
Input frequency range 50/60 2%(1%~ 5%) (on the control panel)
Overload 200% 1 min
Remote signal Dry contacts/remote control panel
Remote command EPO and Bypass
computer interface Standard RS232 x 2
Max operating altitude max.4000m Max operating altitude rated power output at 1000m(reduce 1% of rated power output when the altitude increases every 100m)
Cooling forced venational (fan speed function of load)
Applicable standards Safety EN50091-1, Electromagnetic compellability EMCEN 50091-2 class A
Option Insulation transforms- harmonic suppression filter-parallelism kit up to six units
Temperature 0 ~ 40
Humiity 95% (No condensing)
Noise 56 dB at 1 meter
Weight 110/239/238 kg
Dimension(WxDxH) 505x720x1140 mm

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