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Servo Stabilizers


Communication Devices: Radio Transmitters, Television Cameras, Video Recorders. Radar Navigational Devices.

Computers: Computers and Calculating Machines, Peripherals like Tape and Disc Devices, Printers, Card Punches, Unit Record Machines.

General Laboratory

Equipments: Spectrometers, Electron Microscops. Spectrophotometers, Photographic Processing Equipment, Chromatographs etc.

Medical Electroni

Equipments: X-ray Intensive Care Units, Electro Cardioscopes, Sterlizers. Cat Scanners, X-ray Machines.

General: Heating, Lighting. production and Process Control Equipment. Machine Tools, Lifts and Elevators, Airconcinonmq Plants and Package Ajrconditionjng Units.


The MAXX Servo Stabilizer employs a motor-driven variable transformer feeding the primary winding of a buck-and-boost .transformer, the secondary of which is connected in series between the supply and the load, so as to inject an aiding or opposing correcting voltage intp the supply line.

Motor positioning is effected by the solid state sensor unit, which measures the output voltage of the stabilizer. Should this deviate from the required value, the sensor energises the motor to rotate the variable transformer brush gear unit the correct voltage is restored.

The method of stabilisation inherently produces no harmonics and therefore no distortion is introduced. Sensing from the output automatically compensates for any change in load current.

The action of the servo system is exceptionally 'fast with controlled deceleration resulting in zero or minimum overshoot.

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