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Modular Online UPS

System type MS-100 MS-150 MS-200 MS-240 MS-480
Mains input Input mode Three-phase four-line+ grounding line/ one phase two-line+ grounding line
Input voltage 380V/220V±20%, 400V/230V±20%, 415V/240V±20%
Input frequency 50Hz±10%, 60Hz±10%
Power woke-in (Sec.) 60secs
THDI (%) <<3%
Input power factor >0.99
Bypass input Input voltage 380V/220V±20%, 400V/230V±20%, 415V/240V±20%
Input frequency tolerance 50Hz±10%, 60Hz±10%
DC input Rated input voltage ±384VDC
input voltage tolerance 345V~445V DC
Battery charging Charging current limited yes
Charging time 10 hours ( 2 hours back up capacity)
Stability of charging voltage ±1%
UPS power factor 0.8
Output voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V
Output frequency 50Hz±4%; 50Hz±0.2%(if the AC fails or the battery supply for output )
60Hz±4%; 60Hz±0.2%(if the AC fails or the battery supply for output )
Output voltage recovering time 20ms(load (0~~100%))
AC output Overload capacity Operate 10 minutes with 125% load
Transfer from mains to battery supply 0ms
Transfer from bypass to inverter supply <1ms
Peak factor 3:1
Total input harmonics distortion THDI(%) ≤<1%( (linear load) ) ≤<3%( (non-linear load) )
Overall efficiency ≥>95%( ( AC-AC))
Ambient temperature -25 C℃~~60℃C
operating temperature -5C ~ ℃~40℃C
Maximum operating altitude ≤<1500m
Operating environment Relative humidity ≤<93% non-cadency
protection degree IP30
Cooling air cooling
Applicable softy standards. EN62040-1-1:2003 IEC60950-1:2001
Electromagnetic compatibility EN62040-1-1:2003 IEC60950-1:2001
Acoustic noise ≤<55DB
Dimension of the cabinet ((H×W×D))mm 2000×600×800, 2000×1200×800, 2000×1800×800
Others RS232/RS422 and 8 try contact Standard
SNMP Standard
Display LCD/LED
Module type CM10 CM15 CM20
Module capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA
Maximum system capacity 100KVA 150KVA 200KVA/240KVA/480KVA
DC input ±384V DC
Input/ output mode 3/3, 3/1,1/3,1/1
Dimension(H×W×D)mm 133×482×465
Weight (kg) 16 kg 18 kg 20 kg
For chargeable module 3KW battery power 4KW battery power 5KW battery power
Input power factor ≥ 0.99
Maximum heat dispassion 300W 450W 600W
THDI (%) ≤3%

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